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The Project Office is
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Project Framework
/   The establishment of the MEH Data Centre shall provide significant enhancement capabilities on the surveillance and control of vessels in the Straits of Malacca and Singapore. The infrastructure shall harmonize the existing maritime safety facilities of the VTS and sensors (AIS, buoys, radar, meteorological sensors, etc.).

The combined data from the VTS and the field sensors shall be provided in the MEH website portal via the Electronic Navigational Chart (ENC) to monitor the ships’ current and historic movements and status of sensors in support of the decision-making, and to enhance the ship safety navigation.

The Project has five components, by which the International Maritime Organization (IMO) manages all components of the project. The Republic of Indonesia will execute the Tide and Current Facilities of Component.


component 1

This component provides for project management by the IMO on behalf of the participating states, coordination of the design, development and operation of the MEH demonstration system and also provides for key technical inputs to the project. The main functions will be performed by the staff of a Project Management Office (PMO), which will operate under the responsibility of the IMO.

The major tasks under this component are :

  • a. System Planning and International Maritime Organization Management
  • b. Project Management Office (PMO)
  • c. Project Steering Committee Support


component 2

This component provides for the production of the navigational information on which the MEH system will be based, and its incorporation into survey generated Electronic Navigation Chart

The major tasks under this component are :

  • a. Web Portal
  • b. Database system
  • c. Messaging Management System
  • d. Geographical Traffic Surveillance Tool
  • e. Technical management system


System Architecture :



component 3
Carry out of testing of the demonstration MEH system by about 160 ships fitted with type-approved electronic chart display and information systems, including internet connectivity. This component will be implemented in cooperation with the owners of at least 160 large oil tankers and container ships that regularly transit the Straits that will be facilitated by two major ship owner representative organizations, INTERTANKO and ICS.


component 4

This component will be executed jointly by institutions in the littoral States that are responsible for marine navigation and environmental management and the IMO.

The major tasks under this component are :

  • a. Oil Spill and Sand Wave Models
  • b. Sensitive Area Mapping
  • c. Emergency Response Systems


component 5

This component will be managed by the IMO through the PMO, shall provide the following:This component will be managed by the IMO through the PMO, shall provide the following :

The major tasks under this component are :

  • a. Website and Publicity (includes technical reports, progress reports and newsletter, etc.)
  • b. Evaluation on the:
    • -  Cost and benefits of the establishment of MEH System
    • -  Technical functionalities of the MEH System
    • -  Assessment of MEH System in institutional and legal aspects and Consolidation of
         the technical, institutional, legal, financial and economic assessments of the MEH System
  • c. System Development