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The Project Office is
located at:
Kantor Stasiun Radio
Pantai Batam
Jalan Sei Tering Number 1
Batam 29451, Indonesia
Project Steering Committee   /

The Project Steering Committee (PSC) oversees the implementation of the Demonstration project activities and provides the institutional arrangement for the development of the managing tool, which is envisaged to operate, administer and management the MEH System on a sustainable basis under a cooperative agreement among relevant stakeholders of the Malacca Straits.


The PSC is composed of the following lead agencies and organizations :


Permanent Members indonesia - Ministry of Environment
Malaysia – Marine Department, Peninsular Malaysia
Singapore – Maritime and Port Authority
Secretariat International Maritime Organization (IMO)
Partners Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs (MLTM), Republic of Korea
International Hydrographic Organization (IHO)
International Association of Independent Tanker Owners (INTERTANKO)
International Chamber of Shipping (ICS)


project management office

The Project Management Office (PMO) has been established to administer and manage the project on site, which is located in Batam Island, Sumatra, Indonesia, close to Singapore and is hosted by the Government of Indonesia.

The following are the functions of PMO :

  • To manage the project in accordance with the objectives and the planned activities set out in the PAD and in the PIP with the guidance of the PSC
  • To developed a detailed work plan for the implementation of project activities including milestones, schedules, monitoring strategies and evaluation/assessment criteria (e.g., updating the PIP)
  • To handle the day-to-day administrative, financial and operation requirements of the project
  • To organize, prepare and review relevant documents for the PSC and the TCs and WGs including project progress and technical reports
  • To provide assistance in the establishment of the MEH National Data Centers including technical backstopping and monitoring of activities of such Centers
  • To organize project workshops, training courses, meetings and related activities
  • To develop a database of local and international experts and specialists for participating in project activities and in the recruitment of project consultants
  • To promote the activities of the project, in particular, its products and services as well as to strengthen partnerships with relevant stakeholders.